Young Northern Irish Actors in The Sparticle Mystery Season 3

young Northern Irish actors in The Sparticle Mystery, Season 313 episodes, 3 directors, 250 young auditionees, 12 weeks of shooting, and it’s now the last week of shooting for the young Northern Irish actors in The Sparticle Mystery, Season 3.

I joined forces with London Casting Director Rosalie Clayton back in February to assemble the cast of 57 actors for the shoot in Northern Ireland. Some of the original cast are back, and there are lots of new faces, most of which are working professionally for the first time.

So, where did all these talented young Northern Irish actors come from? The casting process began when I put out a casting call to all high schools in Northern Ireland, asking interested young people to get in touch. As ever, there were many fantastic drama teachers who circulated the info to their students, and a big thank you goes to them. An advert on my Facebook page, plus phone calls to local drama groups and agents also helped to put the word out.

The amount of emails that followed nearly combusted my laptop, but in the end I auditioned young actors from Belfast, Derry/Londonderry, Armagh, Lurgan, Portadown, Omagh, Ballymena, Lisburn and Bangor, lots of whom had never done a screen audition before.

30 of them ended up being cast in speaking roles in the show, and, as a result, several of them now have agents and are planning careers in the film and TV industry.




4 thoughts on “Young Northern Irish Actors in The Sparticle Mystery Season 3”

  1. georgia keddie
     ·  Reply

    My daughter who is 15, 16 in april loves drama and hs been involved in many of her school productions(nemdrum college)
    She would love the chance to audition for a part in sparticle mysterys 3 but how does she go about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Georgia Simpson
       ·  Reply

      Hello Georgia,

      I’m afraid you’re too late for The Sparticle Mystery Season 3, it’s already been filmed and broadcast.

      Best wishes,


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