questions about casting in Northern Ireland

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about casting in Northern Ireland


Do you represent actors? No, I work on behalf of productions to assemble the cast.

Do you accept unsolicited materials? Yes, by all means send a link to your showreel or Spotlight page, but please don’t send showreels as attachments.

Do you ever cast actors who don’t have agents? Absolutely, although of course it depends on whether you’re right for the part.

Do you do general meets? Sometimes, depending on how busy I am.

How do I find out what you’re casting? I put my casting breakdowns out on Spotlight, or you can give me a ring to ask.


Do you have any experience casting outside Northern Ireland? Plenty, I trained in London and worked there as a Casting Assistant in TV and West End theatre before relocating to Belfast. I have good contacts among the agents in London and Dublin, and regularly cast actors and attach names from both places.

Do you offer a regional casting service? Yes, I’ve worked as Northern Ireland Casting Director alongside several London Casting Directors to cast roles in visiting productions, including Line of Duty Season Series 2, 37 Days and Messiah – The Rapture.

We’re not green lit yet, can you work with us? Absolutely, I regularly work on features in development, get in touch and we can talk about your project.


Do you ever give talks to drama students or other groups? Yes, I’ve delivered seminars at Queen’s University Belfast, London Metropolitan University, the Lyric Theatre Belfast and Cinemagic. I’ve also been a guest speaker at the Foyle Film Festival, and will shortly be working with the Ireland Actors’ Guide.

If you’d like me to visit your group or event please get in touch via the contact page.