Paperboy – Auditions

We’re delighted to be working on the feature film of Tony Macaulay’s fantastic memoir about his life as a paperboy in Belfast during The Troubles. The film is being directed by Hollywood director Donald Petrie, and will begin shooting in Belfast in March.

We are now accepting audition tapes for the following roles:

Tony (12/13 year old boy) – Tony is sparky, funny, energetic, and great at telling stories. He talks directly to the audience through the camera, and we’re looking for someone who can hold our attention.
Irene (12/13 year old girl) – Irene is very funny, not always intentionally. She loves to wear wigs to change up her hair style, and most things in her life are a big drama.
Sharon (12/13 year old girl) – Tony has a schoolboy crush on Sharon, but unfortunately for him she has a crush on someone else. She is confident, quick-witted and a strong character.
Titch (11/12 year old boy) – TItch will steal anything not nailed down. Belfast’s answer to the Artful Dodger, he is cheeky, funny and fearless

To apply for a role please fill out the attached form and send a video of your child reading the script for their chosen character to (Find script downloads below)

You do not need to film on a professional camera, a phone is fine but please bear in mind the following:
1) check that we can see and hear your child clearly and make sure there is enough light
2) please film your child from the waist up, not from far away
3) at the start of the audition tape please ask your child to say their full name clearly to the camera
4) add the name of your child and the role they are auditioning for in the subject of the email

The deadline is 6pm on 18th October. Good luck!